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Forging a New Path for Legal Medical Cannabis

Southwest Patient Group (SPG) has been granted a five (5) year permit to operate a non-profit statutory consumer cooperative in the City of San Diego.  Our site is located in the southern region of San Diego County, nestled in the historic community of San Ysidro.

We recognize that medical marijuana continues to be a controversial issue for many residents in the State of California, and we expect our local neighborhood to have questions regarding the operation proposed in their community.  We’d like to take the opportunity to present some information about our operation and provide data and research behind some of the most voiced concerns.

We hope that if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about SPG, you’ll feel comfortable to contact us at anytime.  CONTACT US NOW

A Brief History: America’s Finest City


On February 25th, 2014 the San Diego City Council passed regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in San Diego, becoming the last major city in the State to regulate medical marijuana.

City of San Diego Timeline: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

2008-2011 Medical Marijuana dispensaries flourished in San Diego.  No firm regulations to support or deter them.
2011 San Diego City Council passes ordinance to reign in control over the City’s 200+ dispensaries operating without protocol.
2011 Medical Marijuana advocates overturn the ordinance with a last minute citizen signature drive after deeming it too restrictive.
2011-2012 Department of Justice (DOJ) cracks down on San Diego Dispensaries, forcing the city’s 200+ dispensaries to close or move underground.
2013 Collectives began to reappear throughout the City due to a new cannabis friendly Mayor being elected and changes in enforcement policies by the DOJ.
2013 To avoid a relapse in out of control dispensaries, the San Diego City Council moved quickly to pass a stricter version of the previously rescinded ordinance.
2013-2014 The City is enforcing their new regulations and shuttering any existing dispensaries in anticipation of only allowing those with permits to operate.
Apr 24th 2014 The City accepted its first applications for permitted dispensaries.
Oct 15th 2014 San Diego City permits first dispensary in its history in Otay Mesa.
Dec 3rd 2014 San Diego City permits its second and third dispensary in its history; including Southwest Patient Group.

San Diego MMCC CUP Ordinance


Regulation and Compliance

  • Background Checks on Owners and Management
  • 1000 Feet from sensitive uses such as schools and playgrounds.
  • Public Safety Police Permit & Audits
  • No Clustering or Nuisance Risks
  • 4 Collectives maximum per District
  • Professional Advertising
  • No Marijuana Recommendations by the Cooperative
  • Requirements on Record Keeping, Security, and Product Labeling

A New Era in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

We have an opportunity to provide for the community and help evolve the public’s perception of medical marijuana.  For residents of the City of San Diego, this will be the first time anyone has experienced a licensed and regulated medical marijuana non-profit cooperative.   Below you’ll find a video tour of a licensed dispensary in the Oakland area of California.

We feel watching this video may help understand the activities of a regulated cooperative and the intentions and spirit behind it.

Operating Standards and Services: SPG

  • Friendly, Professional, and Enjoyable Experience
  • Member Services
    • Additional Health Services: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology, Support Group Meetings.
    • Educational Workshops: Cultivation, Health, Cooking, Legal Information.
    • Events: Member Center, Runs/Walks, Parties, Etc.
    • Discount Programs: Veterans, Seniors, Disabled, Serious/Terminally Ill, and those Living on a Low or Fixed Income.
  • Quality Control Procedures
    • Product Testing: Potency & Cannabinoid Content, Pesticides, Molds.
    • Production, Handling, and Labeling Standards
  • Community Involvement
    • Supporting Charitable Organizations: Meals on Wheels, Rachel’s Women’s Center, San Diego Food Bank, Street Clean-ups.
    • Work with Community Groups:  We would like to work with community groups such as the San Ysidro Business Association, Hearts & Hands, Casa Familiar, & the San Ysidro Health Center.


A Nexus of Health

Southwest Patient Group is excited to provide a much needed health service to qualified patients of San Ysidro and broader San Diego City and County.  A licensed and regulated medical cannabis consumer cooperative can provide safe and affordable access to a therapeutic herb that provides relief for a vast array of ailments.  This service plays a vital role in the lives and wellbeing of patients that join our cooperative, thus serving as a valuable component to a healthy and balanced community.  The relief attained by our services function as part of a nexus of other life enhancing therapies, thereby shaping our primary goal of overall health and wellness into a strategy of affordability, superior service, and the fostering of goodwill.

Below we’ve compiled data regarding several concerns that have been voiced regarding the existence of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Safety and Security

Non-Diversion to Youth and Non-Members

Legal Medical Marijuana Impact on Cartels

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