Delivery Guidelines

Delivery Guidelines

Membership Rules and Guidelines

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all Southwest Patient Group members. Learning what’s allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.


You must have a recommendation from a California Licensed Medical Physician for an appropriate disease, condition or disorder that allows for the use of Medical Marijuana. If you do not yet have a physician’s recommendation, please see the link provided or email us for a list of compassionate physicians who can provide you with one.


Please present your California Driver License, California ID, other California State-issued ID card or Federally Issued ID Card (Military, Geneva convention government I.D, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Permanent Resident Card), Medical Marijuana Card (DHS CARD) to our Concierge every time you obtain Medical Cannabis delivered from Southwest Patient Group.


DELIVERY can be paid for with Cash.  Local same day deliveries can be paid with cash upon courier arrival.   Orders cannot be changed once the courier has been dispatched, as he or she will only have your specific order quantity in route to you.


Checks are not being accepted at this time as a form of payment.  Please have exact tender when the driver arrives or request change when placing the order.


Southwest Patient Group collects California Sales Tax on each order. 


Medication is for personal use only.  Resale, sharing or redistribution of medication obtained from Southwest Patient Group is strictly prohibited.   Any indication to the contrary will result in immediate expulsion and termination of your collective membership privileges.


You must be at least 21 years of age to become a member of Southwest Patient Group. The only exception to this will be by our Co-op director.


Do not drive under-the-influence of any substance that may impair your motor skills. This includes Medical Cannabis.


Use of street slang terms ( trees, dank, rope, fire, weeds, nugs, purps….)  in emails, telephone conversations or in the presence of our delivery couriers is prohibited and may result in denial of services.  This is medical cannabis and treat it as such.


Telephone calls from blocked numbers are prohibited and will not be answered. You can always leave a message and number and we will contact you back ASAP.


Please refrain from telephone conversations while our delivery courier is at your location. Be respectful of your neighbors, as we are.


Our Delivery Couriers are professional and on a strict time schedule. Please be respectful of our Delivery Driver as there may be other patients waiting for delivery.


Please be at your destination to receive your order if you are expecting our delivery courier.  For local same day deliveries you can expect a courtesy call close to the delivery time to verify that you are available.  If you are not available at the set time then please call us at 619-663-MEDS (6337) to let us know.  Southwest Patient Group will do the same for you.

Direct additional questions to our email at or simply call in any questions to

619-663-6337 Phone

The above email address is constantly monitored, secure and protected from spambots.

-Delivery hours for new patients are during daylight hours for everyone’s safety.

-Standard delivery hours are Monday – Sunday from 10:00AM to 9PM.

  • A non-standard delivery fee may be added for certain circumstances.  For example, special location* requests  and orders to be delivered after hours or on holidays.
  • ** Special location” is defined by our Co-op Director and includes delivery outside normal delivery addresses. Example: “patient is on the entrance of Mission trails” or “Patient is at someone else’s house or at a function”, “meet me at Java Express on the Plaza in North Park”. We want you to get the medicine you need when you need it, but we are human and our limits are based on a several factors.

Let us know if you need a “Special Location” delivery once you are an established member and remember it is based on approval of the Co-op Director.

-Southwest Patient Group-

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