Meet the Chulitas!

Reaching Higher Consciousness

Like many of you readers, there is a vivid memory within me about my first experience reaching higher consciousness. I remember sitting around a bonfire with my brothers discussing the events of the day only to be interrupted by the eldest member of our crew who brought out his portable turntable. I had never seen one before. He abruptly nixed our customary banter and threw on the classic Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon. As soon as the needle dropped I knew something major was going to happen!

The Chulita Way

The story mentioned above was triggered by the new partnership we are making here at Southwest Patient Group. Allow me to formally introduce all members, both new and old, to the Chulita Vinyl Club. They are an all female DJ collective that has spread their reach across the southwestern United States. They have been covered by both local and national media outlets including NPR, LA Weekly and KPBS just to name a few. The camaraderie they promote amongst the womxn in their seven national chapters reminded me of myself and the fellas on my block as we built friendships while smoking bud and politicking over records.

Chulita Vinyl Club, Recreational Cannabis

High-Fidelity Shopping Soundtrack

Beginning March 1, 2018, we will proudly host the lovely ladies of the Chulita Vinyl Club during our brand new bi-monthly event we’ve dubbed “High-Fi Thursdays”. Join us in-store every other Thursday as they provide the soundtrack to your shopping experience! On the decks, they will surely pique your interest as they spin a wide array of tunes ranging from roots reggae to new wave to chicano soul classics and everything in between! To get a preview, be sure to check out their SoundCloud when you get a minute. Comment below for more information or simply come check them out live and vibe out with us beginning March 1st. Either way, we are excited to see you soon!

Chulita Vinyl Club, Recreational Cannabis
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