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    Premier Brands at Southwest Patient Group

    Southwest Patient Group is proud to offer a variety cannabis-infused and derived product from the industries top brands. Find the best products in flowers, edibles, extractions, oil cartridges, topicals and more.


    Stocked with INDO and SunGrown flowers from top growers in the industry from such as Sherbinski, Grizzly Peak Farms, DNA Genetics, I and I Wellness, Trinity SunGrown, Guerilla Farms and more.


    Find the perfect dab with Live Resin, Budder, Sugar and Rosin extracts from top brands like Moxie, Dabblicious, Baroni, Jah Famiglia, Critical Concentrates, and Panacea to name a few.


    Medicate with a delicouse edible from Korova, KIVA, Kushy Punch, Cheeba Chews, Flurish, Moon edibles in addition to drinks such as Legal, The Good Stuff Kombucha, Therapy drinks and more.

    Oil Cartridge

    Vape your best with solventless and distilled oil cartirdges. Pick up a vape cartridge from Select, Moxie, Heavy Hitters, Brass Knuckles, Absolute Xtracts, Nectar Stick, Gold Drop, flav RX in addition to a wide selection of flavorful and potent options. Visit Southwest Patient Group online menu to see the latest products from leading brands in the legal marijuana industry.

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    Cannabis Edibles

    Select the top cannabis-infused edibles at Southwest Patient Group. Customers are able to choose from an array of cannabis products with precise milligram dosage for both recreational and medicinal consumers.

    Edibles are available in various forms such as brownies, cookies, gummies, beverages, mints, and capsules. Select from brands such as Kiva Confections, Kushy Punch, The Original Pot Co, Legal beverage, Procana and more. Each product is crafted with its unique blend for an enjoyable and blissful edible experience. Southwest Patient Group is staffed with knowledgeable and seasoned employees; Ready to offer the best recommendation for recreational and medicinal consumers.

    State Regulations

    Cannabis-infused edibles are required by the State of California to contain 10 milligrams of THC per serving size and no more than 100 milligrams of THC per package.
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    Cannabis infused drinks crafted with delicious flavors and potent strains.Available in THC and CBD options from top brands such as Legal Beverage, Habit, Good Stuff Tonics and more.
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    Cannabis concentrates are available in a variety of forms and textures such as live resin, trim run, nug run and textures like shatter, budder, sugar and more. All concentrates are refrigerated to ensure a premiere and fresh product for a clean and flavorful dab. Visit the "Hash Bar" at Southwest Patient Group to see the latest selection and the freshest dabs in San Diego. Are you looking for a potent product? Cannabis concentrates offer a higher percentage of THC ranging between 60-90%; Compared to dry flowers that test between 15-30% THC. Wither you're new to concentrates or an experienced cannabis connoisseur, Southwest Patient Group has you covered with brands such as Dabblicious, Moxie, Jah Familigia, Baroni, Utopia Farms, I and I Wellness and more. Ask your cannabis consultant on your next visit for the latest extracted products and the right choice for your medicinal needs.
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