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Considered to be the best cannabis processors in the country, Caviar Gold utilizes a proprietary extraction method. This secret formula allows for accurate and consistent dosing, which is essential for patients looking to obtain optimum results.

Caviar Gold is easily the most recognized of our products. We start with the best of the best, AAA quality, indoor cannabis. Now, other companies might just add some oil, kief, and call it day. Not Caviar Gold though – we infuse it all the way through – right down to the stem. It is only then that Caviar Gold is completed; by being entirely covered with a generous sprinkling of kief.

To create Caviar Silver, we start with top shelf, AAA quality, outdoor cannabis. Next, the beautiful nugs are fully infused with hash oil – not just on the outside. Finish them off with a lush coating of kief, and there we have our Caviar Silver.

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Caviar Flower

Caviar Gold 1/8th, Caviar Silver 1/8th


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