Flow Kana Flower


707 OG 3.5gBanjo 1gBlue Dream 3.5gBlue Zkittlez 3.5gChampagne 3.5gDouble OG Sour 1/8thDouble Sour OG 1 gramDouble Sour OG 1/4Huckleberries 3.5gLove Humboldt 1gLove Humboldt OG 3.5gOgre Berry 3..5gPenny Wise 3.5gQueen of Hearts 1/4Queen of Hearts 1/8thQueen of Hearts GramSFV OG 1/8thTrinity Star 1 GramTrinity Star 1/8thTrinity Star OG 3.5gVictoria 3.5g


We pride ourselves on being the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small farmer ecosystems. We partner with, and give scale to, premier artisan farmers in Mendocino County and Southern Humboldt who focus on small batch, boutique strains. Our products are available throughout the Golden State.

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707 OG 3.5g, Banjo 1g, Blue Dream 3.5g, Blue Zkittlez 3.5g, Champagne 3.5g, Double OG Sour 1/8th, Double Sour OG 1 gram, Double Sour OG 1/4, Huckleberries 3.5g, Love Humboldt 1g, Love Humboldt OG 3.5g, Ogre Berry 3..5g, Penny Wise 3.5g, Queen of Hearts 1/4, Queen of Hearts 1/8th, Queen of Hearts Gram, SFV OG 1/8th, Trinity Star 1 Gram, Trinity Star 1/8th, Trinity Star OG 3.5g, Victoria 3.5g


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