Omega Trees


Black Cherry Pie 3.5gCookie Monster 3.5gCrazy 8 3.5gDurban Poison 3.5gFire OG 3.5gGlue 3.5gHoly Grail 3.5gJilly Bean 3.5gLemon Tree 3.5gMiss USA 3.5gMojito 3.5gOrange Tree 3.5gPink Lemonade 3.5gPlatinum Purple KushPurple Ogiesel 3.5gSlymer 3.5gStardawg 3.5gStrawberry Banana 3.5gSuper GlueTrue OG 3.5g


Cannabis flower crafted for an enjoyable experience and medicinal relief. Select Omega Tress on your next visit for prepackaged 1/8ths and premium pre-rolls.

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Omega Trees

Black Cherry Pie 3.5g, Cookie Monster 3.5g, Crazy 8 3.5g, Durban Poison 3.5g, Fire OG 3.5g, Glue 3.5g, Holy Grail 3.5g, Jilly Bean 3.5g, Lemon Tree 3.5g, Miss USA 3.5g, Mojito 3.5g, Orange Tree 3.5g, Pink Lemonade 3.5g, Platinum Purple Kush, Purple Ogiesel 3.5g, Slymer 3.5g, Stardawg 3.5g, Strawberry Banana 3.5g, Super Glue, True OG 3.5g


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