Oregon Lemons


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The very well-rounded and colorful, “Oregon Lemons” is a perfectly balanced hybrid variety that was bred, stabilized and perfected by ThaDocta and his crew at the Archive Seed Bank. This Oregon bred Lemon Diesel and Face Off OG combo brings forth medium sized plants that branch out in every which direction. Quickly filling in her long, sturdy branches with average sized yields of thick, triangular shaped buds that are absolutely covered in a thick blanket of bright white trichomes that are ripened to completion in only 9-10 weeks indoors and by the middle of October outdoors. You may want to tie or steak her up a bit throughout the growth cycle as you may end up with a pretty bad case of bud flop if she’s not properly supported throughout the later half of the flowering cycle. This extremely pungent hybrid quickly fills your palette with a zesty lemonhead candy bouquet with the classic earthy OG Kush undertone to bring the flavor all the way to the opposite side of the board. Following her mouthwateringly tantalizing tangy smoke is a perfectly well-rounded hybrid high that hits both the body and the mind equally with a fast-acting and long-lasting buzz that helps to aid in the treatment of both mental and physical based conditions equally as well as being strong enough to fit the likes of even the heaviest of hybrid smokers out there.


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