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Cookies .5gCookies 1gGlue .5gGlue 1gKush .5gKush 1gOG .5gOG 1gSherbet .5gSherbet 1gSkywalker .5gSuper Sour Diesel .5gTangie .5gTangie 1gWaui .5gWaui 1g


Rove built the foundation of their company on honesty, simplicity, and transparency. The mission is to provide customers with great tasting vape cartridges and reliable and dependable vape pens Rove wants their customers to know they have their best interests in mind with every single step they take. They strive for excellence and are dedicated to improvement.

Rove uses 100% California grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in their collective network. From this raw material, we extract a fine quality oil using liquid carbon dioxide and then refine it utilizing only heat and pressure. The golden finished product, enriched with natural terpenes and flavorings, provides a truly special vaping experience.

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Cookies .5g, Cookies 1g, Glue .5g, Glue 1g, Kush .5g, Kush 1g, OG .5g, OG 1g, Sherbet .5g, Sherbet 1g, Skywalker .5g, Super Sour Diesel .5g, Tangie .5g, Tangie 1g, Waui .5g, Waui 1g


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