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Since 2013, thousands of people have turned to Mary’s as a trusted resource for relief. Our pioneering products have earned us the highest respect as the most innovative and recognized brand in the nutritional hemp product industry.

What Makes Mary’s Different?


As the developer of the first transdermal patch, patented transdermal gel pen technology and award-winning topicals, Mary’s believes in the effectiveness of clean delivery methods. There’s a wide array of benefits of transdermal and topical applications such as the elimination of smoking, bypassing first-pass metabolism (from oral administration), dose control, continued release, convenience, ease of use and systemic effects.

Transdermal: Relating to, being, or supplying a remedy in a form for absorption through the skin into the bloodstream.

Topical: Designed for or involving local application and action (as on the body). The key difference between the two delivery methods is that transdermal refers to the nutrients reaching the bloodstream where it will have a systemic impact, while topical refers to the nutrients acting locally.

Transdermal delivery is designed to act on the entire body via application to the skin and topical application is more spot-specific and designed to act in the area of application.

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Mary's Medicinal

Muscle Freeze, The Remedy 500mg CBD, Transdermal Balm 1:1


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