Privacy Policy

Southwest Patient Group takes your privacy very seriously. For the purposes of the site, we do need to collect and retain a certain amount of personal information to confirm your identity, authorize transactions, and verify your legal right to access and use medical marijuana. A copy of your doctor’s recommendation submitted to us must be kept on record according to California law, but to ensure your medical records cannot be compromised, Southwest Patient Group takes the utmost care that your personal information is destroyed or secured wherever possible.

  • What happens to the information I provide to Southwest Patient Group?
    • The number one priority of Southwest Patient Group is the confidentiality and identity security of all of our members, thus we keep all medical information strictly classified on a secured server. If you chose to no longer be an Southwest Patient Group member, we will purge all electronic and paper files related to your membership. We do not and will not share your personal information with anyone without your expressed written consent. Your information is only used by our staff for verifying your prescription status and for processing your orders.
  • Do you share my records with any government agencies?
    • No, we do not voluntarily share members’ medical information or any other information to anyone and/or any government agency. Your information is for medical verification only and is kept strictly confidential. You have rights and we respect your right to privacy.

Absolutely no information you provide to us will be sold to any other businesses, organizations, or individuals. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or 619-663-MEDS (6337).

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