The MB03 Torch by Blink might be small, but it still packs a punch. The blue flame gets up to 1300ºF for powerful, even heating to ensure that your concentrates burn at the right temperature.

These beautiful handmade glass carb caps are the perfect addition to any dab rig. They’re compatible with a variety of bangers, and add a beautiful touch of color (or clarity) to any rig. These caps are also great for those who want to start building their carb cap collection!

With one of these Turbo-Charged Newport torches in hand, you’re ready for any rig on deck. These work at any angle, take 3 seconds to refill, have an adjustable flame, and a child-proof lock. These are high-powered and some of the best rated torches in the industry.

Convert any 5mm (501 threaded) cartridge battery into a portable dab rig with these Quartz Dome Dual Glass Coils by Ooze. No wick means no burnt concentrate and no weird aftertaste. They provide a faster heat up time than traditional coil attachments. Take a hit that’s comparable to your favorite dab rig…but portable!

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