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Cannabis concentrates are available in a variety of forms and textures such as live resin, trim run, nug run and textures like shatter, budder, sugar and more. All concentrates are refrigerated to ensure a premiere and fresh product for a clean and flavorful dab. Visit the “Hash Bar” at Southwest Patient Group to see the latest selection and the freshest dabs in San Diego.

Are you looking for a potent product? Cannabis concentrates offer a higher percentage of THC ranging between 60-90%; Compared to dry flowers that test between 15-30% THC. Wither you’re new to concentrates or an experienced cannabis connoisseur, Southwest Patient Group has you covered with brands such as Dabblicious, Moxie, Jah Familigia, Baroni, Utopia Farms, I and I Wellness and more.

Ask your cannabis consultant on your next visit for the latest extracted products and the right choice for your medicinal needs.