The Hash Bar

Find all your favorite concentrates in one place, the official opening of the hash bar showcases the wonderful world of cannabis concentrates. Under the umbrella of cannabis extracts one will find diverse forms and textures; Forms such as Live Resin, Trim Run, Nug Run and textures like Shatter, Budder, Sugar and more. Talking concentrates can seem like a foreign language but here at Southwest Patient Group we are used to translating, so please use this unique space to talk concentrates and see all that Southwest Patient Group has to offer.

Solvent & Solventless

Cannabis concentrates are broken into two categories, those being solvents and solventless. Both techniques aim to remove the cannabinoid properties by isolating cannabis compounds from the plant matter like terpenes and cannabinoids. The end result is a pure product with a higher percentage of THC and other cannabinoid properties. Solvents extraction is a chemical liquid that dissolves solids into an oil solution. On the other hand, solventless concentrate uses pressure, heat, ice or water to extract the cannabinoid oils from the plant matter.

CBD Crystal Isolate

Reaching 98% of cannabidiol, the crystal isolates are extracted from agriculture hemp to delivery a high CBD option with a minimum THC percentage to deliver a medicinal and therapeutic relief. CBD Crystals Isolate offer a calming but energetic effect soothing the entire body. Aside from dabbing CBD isolates can be used as an additive for a range of natural health products including food and liquids

BHO Concentrates

Commonly referred as BHO or butane hash oil, this forms of concentrates can reach high potency levels. This extremely potent concentrate is achieved by purging butane on the plant matter followed by a few cleansing practices such as winterization or dewaxing to remove any butane residue.


As a supercritical fluid, this extraction method converts the plant matter into a liquid by applying pressure. As with any process, CO2 extraction requires equipment such as CO2 extractor and CO2 extraction machine to turn the cannabinoids from a gas to a cannabinoid-rich oil. Often thought as the cleanest and healthiest concentrate, CO2 extraction oils is paving the way for custom designed products to improve the effect and aroma.


A versatile and solventless extraction made with flower, hash and kief. Rosin is achieved by applying heat and pressure to squeeze out the cannabinoid oils containing THC and other properties. Making your own Rosin can be achieved in the comfort of your own home or ask your cannabis consultant for SPG’s Rosin Press services.


As one of the traditional extracts, hash can be made by hand rolling, blender, silk screen, mechanical drum and dry sift to name a few. Hash making is divided into two parts, resin preparation, and resin collection. Both parts can produce similar products by isolating the resin glands, what sets them apart is the manner the glands are taken off the plant. Hash is extremely versatile as it can easily be sprinkled on top of flowers or consumed by itself for a potent and heavy effect.  

Learn how cannabis extracts can alleviate chronic pain and enhance your cannabis experience. Visit the Hash Bar at Southwest Patient Group and ask one of SPG’s cannabis consultant how you can benefit from cannabis extracts.


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