The Modern Master of Hashish

In the early 70s, Frenchy Cannoli was first introduced to hash by a small group of friends he would regularly smoke with. Despite the hippie movement taking hold Stateside, European cannabis consumption was a different story. The prohibition of cannabis in France and his newfound love of hash, were the driving forces behind his decision to live a nomadic lifestyle. For a number of years he studied what he calls, “The Lost Art of Hashashin.”  

His travels took him to places like the Philippines, North Africa, Japan, Nepal and finally Northern India. Frenchy spent years learning and perfecting the traditional techniques of making hashish from plants that grow in the Himalayas. He spent his days collecting fresh resin from the cannabis plants, curing it and turning it into the beautiful brown concentrate he’s known for today.

Mr. Cannoli currently lives in the Bay Area of California and works with growers within the Emerald Triangle to produce the highest-quality hashish possible. He’s even touring the country teaching the art of making hash to interested parties. Most recently, Southwest Patient Group brought him out and teamed up with Urbn Leaf to host a workshop in San Diego. It was such an honor to have a master artist in our midst!  

Frenchy speaks with a very deep passion and understanding for his art, engaging with his guests in a personal and thoughtful way. He’s an incredibly intelligent and ruminative man, who wants nothing more than to bring the joy of cannabis into the lives of as many people as possible — a respectable goal that he is achieving through various articles, interviews, videos, classes, and film.


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